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Blood Drive

On September 26, 2014, the H.S.I.-FW chapter of the National Honor Society will sponsor a blood drive on behalf of Carter BloodCare from 11am- 6pm.

Students 16 years of age and older (with parental permission), teachers, and parents are encouraged to donate if they are eligible. Students, please see Ms. Junell in room 204 for a permission slip. A single donation can help save as many as three lives. Hope to see you there!

Please refer to our online sign-up form for available time slots.

Yearbooks on Sale

HSI’s 2015 yearbooks are now on sale for only $25! They can be pre-ordered in the front office with check or money order during last block or after school. All credit card/debit card pre-orders can be made through the yearbook website. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Payne in room 215.


Dear Parents:
As you know, the primary focus of Harmony School of Innovation-Fort Worth is academics. In an effort to encourage all students to succeed academically, we will be reintroducing a Saturday program beginning the week of September 15th called “ZAP” (Zeroes Aren’t Permitted).

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Parent Teacher Conference on Friday, September 19th

Parent / Teacher conferences will be held from 5-7pm at the Harmony School of Innovation. This will include 4th and 5th grade parents as well. There will be no early release. Students will have a regular school day.

HSI G.A.T.E. Program Meet and Greet

Welcome HSI-GT Families! You are formally invited to come meet Mrs. Wolfe the new GT Coordinator/GT Teacher, get some information about the GATE Program schedule and expectations, and ask any questions you may have about our G.A.T.E. Program. Let’s get this school year started!

Date: Thursday September 4th

Time: 5:30p.m.-7:00p.m.

Location: Harmony School of Innovation-Ft. Worth
8100 S. Hulen 76123

Month of September is the Nomination period for the Gifted and Talented Education program at Harmony Public Schools. Teachers, parents and others who know the student well may nominate a student during this period. Please fill out and submit the attached forms to Mrs. Wolfe, ewolfe@harmonytx.org.

Nomination Period: September 1st thru 30th, 2014

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